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I know I missed....

I know I missed today, I know I did not write anything and I do not regret because I was adding one more experience to my day. To express and to write you need to experience something about which you want to write. Having an artistic bend of mind makes me appreciate every form of art and in fact if you will look through the eyes of an artist, you will see everything around you is an art! The sky is painted blue, the trees are painted green, sunset gives an orange hue and moonlight spreads that white light. The way different birds chirp, the way that squirrel nibbles on that grain, the way these dogs change their expressions while looking at you, the way these bees and insects just sprinkles around. Its magical!

I was enjoying my cup of tea in my balcony today, when suddenly I just saw my little plants getting too overcrowded in one pot, so just thought of removing some saplings and put them in a separate pot. Then I painted that pot with a simple design as I usually up cycle things and doesn't feel like throwing everything. It felt really great to do this much of the task in the morning. A little change in your routine brings a new freshness to your day. I have some other plastic cans unfinished which I will be doing tomorrow morning.

I am sharing with you all this not because its something special but just a way to recognize that you need a change and need some boost and a good feeling to carry out your day with a smile and a feeling of satisfaction by observing that you did something that actually brought a lot of relaxation to your mind.

Gardening is also a way of meditation. When you see those little seeds sprouting and observing them grow each day, it feels as if you are giving life to something. They look beautiful, peeping out of their own protective shell, to bloom and grow. Then taking care of the requirements of these tiny plants by watering, putting them in shade and back in sun brings in a feeling as if you are rearing up a child with all your efforts and to the best of your efforts. The leaves wilt due to excessive heat and sprinkling water on them make them spread out and you feel the same happiness when those raindrops fall on your face!!

Everything that makes you happy is important for you to survive. So, search, explore, find out what makes you happy. When you are happy, everything around you is happy and when you are sad, everything seems gloomy which none of us want. So, find your way to meditate and look around, everything is colorful, beautiful and is asking you to add more colors to it.

Be Happy and be your own reason to smile!!

Love you all!

Happy reading!!

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