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I dream of you..

I dream and I dream a lot, all sorts of weird things visit me in my dreams and I am so afraid to analyze those( haha). You never know what do they signify, what do they mean, why did you dream of them? The world of dreams is weird and fascinating at the same time. Sometimes, the dreams scare the hell out of you and sometimes dreams take you to a world of paradise. I always say, my mind is never at rest and is always on a quest but sometimes I get restless and want to have a good sleep without thinking anything but that's a very rare phenomenon with me! In this scenario, I don't throw my brain out of my skull, instead just concentrate on feel good dreams that I ever have, dreams that talk about me, dreams that understand me, dreams that hold my hands and take me to another world where I am just me!

I often dream of you..

When I look at these serene sketches of nature,

I often dream of you..

Holding your hand,

treading gently through the twisted paths,

having that twinkle in the eyes and,

bearing your smile..

Holding my heart so close to me,

still feeling its not mine...

I often dream of you,

being mine..

breathing in love with every breath,

having my heart bump, with every touch..

holding you up so close,

treading into the wild,

with flower laden floor...

I often dream of you,

to get lost with you,

too far into the wild..

to feel the nature so close,

to make you my home..

someone who's like me,

Someone who's my own...

In this beautiful world of dreams,

I often dream of you..


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