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I don't need, I may want..

Usually this war goes on in our minds and we are not able to differentiate between our needs and wishes. Your needs can never be your wishes and your wishes can never be your needs. 'Need' has a very basic nature and it encompasses all those little requirements to be fulfilled to have a normal daily life and covers all the basic necessities that we should be able to afford to lead a normal life where as our wishes are not bound and they can be as limited as possible and can be as wild and out of the world as possible.

If I explore another aspect of this, we all live in a great confusion that 'I am needed'. No, darling! you are not but yes, you may be someone's wish and someone may want you to be with him or her and grow together, explore together, live together. When we start thinking and bound ourselves with this thought of 'I am needed', problems start arising. We must understand that each one of us is capable of leading a normal life on our own but yes we all yearn for a beautiful partnership with someone with whom we can explore this life to the fullest and could enjoy living every moment.

The best way to understand and abide by this is to know each other's worth and importance. When we want someone, we try to make every best possible effort to be with that person by keeping up all the aspects of individuality alive and functional. Let's overcome this thought of need and convert this to a wish which holds positive vibes.

Wish and wishes are the most beautiful aspects of our lives that keep us alive in many respects and keep us going. These wishes keep our hearts young forever and make us feel well deserving for everything. When we start respecting our wishes, we expand our horizons wherein we encompass anything and everything. We develop more respect and a feeling of inclusivity for everyone and everything around. The most beautiful thing that happens is, we start to love!!

Love you all!

Happy Reading!!

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