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Humanity.. on the verge of extinction!

A day before I was reading on some online news portal that there are a good number of extraterrestrial species that are ready to rule humanity and pose a potential threat to the same. All of these belong to our galaxy, 'Milky Way'. This made me think, which humanity they are referring to? Is it the attribute of humans? The characteristic that make us humans!

Yes, I guess they were referring to the same. But I don't think we are threatened as how can we be threatened for something that we do not posses any more! Our creator has been very generous to give us life and all the happiness related to life but we as humans are not able to handle it anymore.

We took thousands of years to understand what we have been bestowed with and then again thousands of years to make ourselves capable of living as civilized beings. Now, it's the time to explore more and guess what are we exploring? How to become extinct!

It's not that some other powers are going to rule us because we are weak, its because we humans have become so powerful that we cannot wait to apply our powers on some outsiders or invaders, that's why we are trying everything on our own fellow beings to establish our super powers.

I must say, its the most pathetic state of affairs in the history of humans. We heard countries at war, kings at war but common people at war is something new. Killings, murders, robbery, rape, suicides have become our USP. We all are humans and belong to the same species. Along with anger and agony we also possess the attributes of love and harmony. Why we are so obsessed with ourselves and hatred towards others? Why can't we be happy for everyone around and let everyone work the way the want to? Why can't we help? Why can't we ignore certain things? Why can't we help people survive? Why can't we simply love?

I guess, when I write, I make things look very simple which most of you may not agree to but I would request my readers to sit and reflect on your own way of thinking at least once a day and you will realize that actually life is simple and is only supposed to be lived to its full. We are just wasting time hating each other and spreading hatred.

I rule today, tomorrow I won't be there and somebody else will take over. This is the cycle of life and time that will continue but please do not consider yourself GOD that you can write somebody's destiny by murdering or killing someone. Always remember what your sow that same you harvest.

"Sow love, sow respect, sow gratitude, sow empathy and then see the world around. It would be the most beautiful place to be in".

A tribute to Sidhu Moosewala! RIP legend

Please do reflect!

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