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How much sorted you are?

Panic, anxiety, inability to think straight, caught in a situation every time and not finding out the way to escape! Most of us face these conditions at some or the other point of time. We get so engrossed in what is happening around us that we just surrender to whatever is happening around. What is important in this scenario?Are we expecting some miracle to happen? Or we are just waiting for someone else to come and sort everything out. Irony is, your life is your life not only during good times but during your worse times too and you can only control what is happening in your life.

It is very important to be sorted in life. We should be very clear about what we want, when we want, how are we going to plan for that and which path we are going to follow to reach our goal. Life is very much like science and everything works with a procedure in which all the steps of a scientific procedure needs to be followed. Identify the problem, hypothesize, collect necessary information or tools or mechanisms to follow, experiment, calculate, find out the result. If that goes successful, you are good to go otherwise repeat but never loose hope and never stop trying.

The most wonderful thing that happens in the world is, that there is no problem that cannot be solved and there is no issue that cannot be resolved. You may have to take some out of the box decisions sometimes but you can do this only when your are very much sorted and know what you want or desire for. So, before working on your problems we need to work on ourselves.

Believing in your own capabilities, talents and powers give you a very clear mindset about what to do and how to do. You become more confident and are able to see the path clearly. Listening to others is healthy only when they lead you to a sensible decision but if people are trying to make you feel that you are responsible for your own sufferings and make you feel guilty for everything, then its better to be your own guide and be with yourself with a positive mindset.

Always remember, problems are created or exist only to be solved and every problem has a solution, we just have to work on finding the correct method.

Be sorted and believe in yourself!!

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