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Holding on so tight..

Yes! I am holding on so tight,

so much that, its getting on my mind,

letting lose is an option,

but the cost would be so high.

I am afraid at times,

what if my decisions go wrong,

but, can't let my fear

rule somebody's dawn.

It's my only asset,

I want to build on that,

I want to grow with it,

loving and laughing,

but there are some conditions set.

Am I looking for a compensation?

For the hectic nights and

the restless days?

Am I regretting,

the decisions made and

falling to fate?

Let me pull my sleeves up again,

and show up, becoming ME again,

I held myself strong

through the toughest,

through the darkest times,

through the roughest.

Can't give up now,

When I have to prove myself the best!

Let me question myself,

let the situations frighten me,

let the storms hit me hard,

to bring out the resilience in me.

I have to face again,

the hardest of times,

for proving myself right,


Dedicated to every parent, who is dealing with their adolescents!

The only solution is brainstorm, keep calm and carry on.


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