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Hold on and let go...

Human brain is such a complex entity that it's almost impossible to figure out what goes inside it, barring the scientific aspect. This world is full of complications and pressures. Think of a workplace, a home, a marketplace, a tourist place, everywhere there is rush and I don't understand for what!

If you listen to a life coach, they stress a lot on 'let go' not for others but for yourself! but I believe there are two aspects to this, you cannot let go so something until and unless you realise that it needs to be sent away from you and by the time you realise this, you have already undergone and have lived that experience.

Obviously, we would not want to let go of something that we like or something that we can keep with us forever! We have to let go of those things that we cannot afford to keep. The circumstances related to the same can differ. So, we hold on and then we let go!

When we hold on, whether it's a relation or an emotion or a thing, we get attached to it as per the intensity it demands. Attachment is an emotional aspect that doesn't allow our mind to free itself from something that is very close to our heart. This feeling of attachment then brings in pain!

When the pain surpasses its limits, we have no other option but to let it go! People can give a number of explanations for this and I am not going into the details but everything comes with a cost as I mentioned in my previous blog too. Letting go is not easy but we have to let go of many things and emotions in life just to keep moving forward.

Time will not wait! It will change and will keep changing. We can just wish that it changes for good for everyone and may everyone alive can live his or her life to the fullest. So, take good care of yourself and I would say practice hard to make it possible to 'let go' of certain things in life to maintain your peace of mind.

Happy reading!

Love you all!

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