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Hello 2021!!

The days will be mine...

The rays on me, will shine...

All my dreams will fulfill...

All those highs, I will reach..

With these hopes and aspirations, I welcome you 2021!

Every second that is to come is so unpredictable but the beauty of being alive is being hopeful for everything that is yet to come our way. We were hopeful last year too and hence could manage so much with the once in a lifetime situation. Everyone dealt with this pandemic and all other related difficulties, with all sorts of different approaches and most of us have been successful and have been very strong.

I appreciate every single being who was positive throughout and a realist sometimes and faced everything with loads of courage. It was not easy to be stuck at home and just wait for something good to happen but we all did it. Everything and everybody played their own important roles and the most important thing is, we all learnt to be disciplined and how to regulate our lives with the minimal resources available and got a lot of time to reflect about our own lifestyles.

The year 2020 has made us realize, how much we need, how much we use and how much we waste? The year taught us to value things and more than that value people and lives. This time of our lives taught us that we can overcome anything if we believe in whatever we do and moreover when we do something with dedication and love, it can cause wonders and it did! We all are through with that terror as of now and are better positioned to deal with anything and everything.

I am sure everyone of you must have explored a new side of yours. I discovered, I can write and because of this discovery, could connect with you all throughout last year. I could share all my thoughts with you all which actually breathed a new life into me. Thank you all for your love and support. I am sure most of you agree that this time has brought us all together on the same platform where we all have realized that there is nothing above love and life. We all have realized, there is nothing above nature and its very important for all of us to live in harmony with nature so that nature can nourish us by breathing life into all the life forms on this planet.

Wishing you all a very happy new year, new hopes, new highs, new dreams, new aspirations!!

Love you all!!

Happy reading!!

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