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Have you ever felt caged?

Hi everyone!

Apologies for not being able to update since last three, four days. Conditions are conditions and they sometime entangle you such that you are not able to free yourself and your mind.

Have you ever felt caged? I have. May be we all have but I found this word 'caged' anew, though it is not. Talking of all tough things and being tough throughout on yourself, sometimes cost you and make you feel guilty at times when you really want to feel weak and vulnerable like any other normal being.

Sometimes, you surrender so much to your feelings, emotions and thoughts that it becomes very difficult to come out of those and it feels as if somebody has put you in a cage with all those high grills of iron rods around and you are just struggling to come out of that somehow. In this situation, you feel like crying, you make so many wishes and just imagine what if all those wishes were fulfilled, you travel back in time, into your memories, deep somewhere to the darkest corner of your heart to search for something most beautiful you ever thought of and wanted to fulfill. But the reality is, you do not find anything and come back to the present empty handed.

Being an optimist here, in this situation, create more problem for you because now you are confronting the reality and a conflict goes on between your being an optimist or a realist.

Being an optimist, you are not ready to accept yourself in this scenario as your expectations are something else from yourself, hence you get upset and find it difficult to handle such situations. On the other hand, being a realist help you accept the situations as such and then work on them by creating a balance between your heart and mind.

We all are driven by social connects and affections we develop with people around and some of them really turn out your besties and get very close to your heart. Heart has its own rules and regulations and has its own world and is not ready to give up easily but mind pulls it through and try to make up for the loss. All these connections happen in different parts of the brain and the soft corners are labelled as issues related to heart because these disturbances in life causes heartache and leads to overthinking. So much of emotional turmoil take a toll of you and finally we are left with just one choice, accept the truth and reality and move on.

This is life and it isn't always fair and it betrays you and will betray you many times but friends, still be strong, accept reality but never let go off your belief in yourself as I believe, what is believed manifests itself surely may be sometime later in life but it does. So, do not stop believing in yourself and your feelings. Be proud to be a person you are and just carry on!

Love you all!

Happy Reading!

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