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Happy to be born!

25th January, the day my mother was in so much pain and was ready to welcome a little baby. As my Naani says, "you came into this world with your eyes half closed and breaking through the dense fog."

Birthdays are very special for me, they hold such an important place in anyone's life and should be celebrated! I make sure that I do not miss my own at least ( Haha), just joking. I love celebrating birthdays of my near and dear ones. It's one life, one chance, let's celebrate it with our open arms.

This is dedicated to my mother and my father who welcomed me with their open arms in this world and loved me unconditionally till date.

It's my birthday, mom,

It's your little girl's day, dad,

It was so cold,

It was all unknown,

Mom was in so much pain,

Dad could do nothing, but wait.

Finally, I was there,

All tender and was held with care,

I was held and looked at,

and was wrapped warm,

I was given more than I deserved,

I grew up with your love that was well preserved.

I miss you mom,

You do not wish me anymore,

Dad forgets sometimes but its ok,

He is also growing old.

Wanna thank you on this special day,

you made it possible for me,

to celebrate 25th January,


Love you both!

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