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Happy Teacher's Day!

Here's a small piece of writing dedicated to all the wonderful teachers across the world who are making this world happen!

I care like a mother,

I worry like a father,

I love my students to the unlimited,

I hold their hands to the infinity.

I nourish my students with heart and soul,

I carry them through the harsh storms,

I build them into the strongest pillars,

I help them grow into purest souls.

I groom myself to groom them all,

I learn everyday to enrich them all,

I practice everyday to overcome flaws,

I lift up myself everyday

to help my students stand tall.

Teaching is not a profession,

its a way of living,

Its nature all imbibed,

in few individuals like you and me,

We rise, we fall, we learn and overcome all,

On this special day,

I wish a very ' Happy Teacher's Day to all!'


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