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Happy New year!!

Hi there!

Wishing you all a very happy new year! New year comes in with a lot of aspirations and we all feel like making a resolution to abide by. A lot of planning happens at individual level to make certain things happen or to curate certain things or to improve certain things. We think of making life better than it was and plan to work towards it. All this is correct in its true sense and I believe in it too but do things always go the way they are planned or are supposed to be?

Few days back I ended up in a conversation with my colleague where she mentioned, that all planning have failed due to this pandemic and we are no more comfortable planning our vacations or outings because we cannot be as free as we used to be. She was right in whatever she said, but somewhere I felt that how much we have enslaved ourselves to these times, planning and conditions. We keep waiting for the conditions to be right. We keep waiting for our planning to work well. Do we ever think of twisting the current condition or may be just enjoying the minimalistic things that we have in these scenarios? Yeah, sometimes we do but its very difficult to make this a habit.

Last two years have taught us the biggest lesson of all times, something that is destined to happen, will happen, not matter what! So why worry about the failing of our planning? If the things work your planned way, it was destined to happen and be happy. If the things doesn't work your way, it was not destined to happen. Hence, just relax and look out for some other option. Just do not panic or get frustrated. The best thing that we can do is to make ourselves strong enough to tolerate any twist and turn that comes our way and manipulate ourselves accordingly.

Let this new year brings in more strength and resilience in you and make you the best version of yourself. Let us explore new things and new avenues to make our lives and our loved ones lives the best. May god bless all!

#Stay tuned to explore more elements of life in this new year!

Love you all!!

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