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Growth and life:

As we are born, we experience growth in almost everything related to our body, mind, profession, relations, thought process and all those tings that keep us going and working through all the different strata of life. Growth is usually considered as positive that makes a person better day by day in whatever he or she does. But every element of life has two facets, positive and negative.

As I always say and believe, that every individual has a different story, different set of experiences and he or she undergo different set of situations during the journey of this life. Hence, the perception of each and every individual about all these different experiences is also different. Some climb the ladder upward and some downward. Whether you want to move forward or backward again depends on what is in front of you. A golden opportunity would force you step ahead and a negative situation would force you step back and in both the situations, major role is played by your own conscious as how it is defining growth here.

Your conscious will always come to your rescue but the only condition is if you listen and pay attention to yourself about how you are feeling about something or any situation.

Sometimes, you will have hundreds of advice's pouring in but believe me if someone can guide you the best, it is your own conscious. Hence, listen to everyone but do what you feel is the best according to you because after all its about your life and your growth. We do not live in isolation but when we get influenced a lot and do not listen to ourselves we end up creating a mess, which ultimately does not benefit anyone. For growth to happen, its very important that we analyze and evaluate about what we feel and pick up only those things from others that is in sync with our own thought process and will help us grow in real sense.

Find out your areas of interest and also work on the areas that disturbs you as when both these aspects interact, a good analysis happen and we get a clear picture about what we need to do to actually grow. Stop struggling in one direction and keep yourself open for all sorts of opportunities and explore yourself in such a way that you are able to experience growth. Work with this mindset and you will feel that boost and courage to think positive, be more aware and actually grow.

"Growth is all about being conscious."

Love you All!!

Happy reading!

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