Growing old?

I love to grow,

I love to flow,

I love to know,

I know I am growing,

I know I am growing old,

Still I love to explore more..

Why worry?

Why to hurry?

Just go slow,

Enjoy the slow transitions,

that your mind want you to know..

World around seems confused,

At times, its just full of 'No',

Enjoy the confusion,

Solve it to find a new solution,

Live like a loner,

Learn to rule your own world...

Every stage is new,

Every stage is strange,

All you have to do is,

Just sail,

Do not worry,

You are finally growing wise,

becoming the apple of

Everyone's eye...

Yes! I am growing old...

" Never mind growing old, it's a privilege, avail it!"

Just random thoughts....

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