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This word holds a lot of pain in itself. I was just scrolling my FB posts and came across a post from my daughter's previous school where they mentioned that a student of grade 8 of their school died in a road accident with her mother. Reading that post filled my heart with so much of pain and till now I am thinking of how and what must have happened and really have no courage to explore about it. Death of a wife, a daughter, a sister, a grand daughter to someone must have left the family in shatters. Praying every second that may God give them the strength to go through this tough time but I know this pain never goes away as I have experienced this when my mom expired and she was in so much pain in her last days. I could never forget those tough times and still those memories and those instances haunt me. The feeling and realization of someone not being an active part of your life anymore is nothing less than dying a slow death but the truth remains. The one who is dead is dead and you are alive and you are supposed to live with those memories.

The love, the affection, the feelings that we share with each other, being in a relation often make us weak and we start neglecting the fact that one day everyone has to go and they will leave you making all your efforts futile of saving them and incidents like this do not even give you chance to make any effort. It is really sad to observe incidents like this. This is even traumatic for those kids who have been friends with the deceased. May God bless everyone and may everyone live life to the fullest, to the best of their capacity. At this time when I am also disturbed and shattered with the news, I cannot talk a lot about regaining yourself in these tough times as I myself know that its not an easy thing to do but time is a very big healer.

You should be sad, you should feel bad and should realize how important your relation was with the person but at the same time also take care that there are other relations also which you have to nurture and take care of. Memories never die and neither the soul. Feel them but do not cry and upset yourself to the extent that even the souls get restless. In these times, believe in the existence of good God and time and observe the presence of mind more than your heart because your heart cannot make you think logically and will draw you towards pain. Listen to what your mind says and what it guides and just follow the path for the time you are under lot of pain and then slowly, the things start falling in place.

Grief, pain, suffering, death, all these are the part of our life cycle and we have to encounter all these at sometime or the other as these times are the true test of our strengths, the true test of how courageous we all are. May god bless everyone with this strength, wisdom and courage.

Love you all!

God Bless!

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