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Going beyond..

Life and life experiences teach us the most important lessons and these are the lessons that build up the premise of our next step or may be near future. Some souls are very casual and easy going and doesn't take much tension about what to do, why to do and how to do? But, there are some insane people who just push their limits to the limitless and then still wonder what to do next! You find a variety of people around and will experience their extremely different attitudes. I have never read any books religiously but my learnings are mostly from observations and experiences and I have observed that you can learn from anywhere, the only requirement is a receptive mind.

Humans have a lot of caliber and if they want they can push their limits to any extent that they want but on the other hand humans are also a social beings and need some company, support, association, collaboration and most importantly they need to communicate. None of us can rise alone and that's how our ancestors built communities and a complete civilization of humans. I believe the most important attributes are to support and appreciate the good practices which should be proliferated further.

Go beyond your own clutches of self obsession and move out to praise and appreciate. let everyone explore their own way and give yourself a chance to learn from them. Open your arms to accept and hug all the positivity around and even if the things are negative, give yourself a chance to explore what must have gone wrong. Keep your minds open to absorb as much knowledge as you can, no matter it belongs to your field of interest or not. Make your life as versatile as it can be. Push yourself a little further everyday, to know that you can explore beyond your own limits.

Live peace, observe peace, promote peace and make your life worth living and loving. Just a bit of trust and healthy bonding is all that is needed. Try saying to your friend or relative or spouse or children, 'You are wonderful the way you are' and see the magic! We all crave for this recognition and freedom and this one little sentence give wings to our thoughts and dreams. Try to know each other, try to explore each other. This is just one life and let's take away the maximum from it!

"Go beyond to appreciate, go beyond to love, go beyond to hold and say, 'go for it, you can do it'."

Love you all!!

Happy Reading!

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