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Go! and show up!

It's hard,

It's harsh,

It's bloody,

It's marsh.

It's over board,

It's off the road,

It's not in control,

It's not on the roll.

It's ok,

It's not ok,

It's true,

It's untrue,

It's betrayal,

It's rarely fair.

I still got up,

I don't care,

I still show up,

even if it's not fair.

It's me,

It will be me,


A unique being.

I am back,

with a bang,

holding myself high,

till the last limit of the sky.

I cannot be thrashed,

I cannot be smashed,

Till the time I hold myself,

Through all this Scrap!


# Life is not always fair and situations go upside down but what is more important? The most important thing is to keep yourself intact and the same as you are. Act according to the situations but do not become the victim of the situation. You may take some time to come out of that but do come out.

This piece of writing is the expression for when we are striving hard to come out of a situation, we are stuck in.

Happy reading!

Love you all!

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