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Frustrated?? Don't be!

Multitasking has become a religion these days. Gone are the days when daily chores use to be simple and everyone use to work at their own ease to complete the task. Tasks and the chores used to be manual and people used to work at their own pace. Earlier people did not have these stringent time limits and target completion obligations. Simple tasks, simple methods, no complications, no stress and hence no frustration.

Our body is nothing but a machine and can work only for a specific time period to the best of its efficiency and as you stretch it further, its efficiency reduces and you could not get the desired output. Another important factor to consider here is 'adaptation'. The more you stretch yourself, more adapted you get to the scenario or condition. The more you keep yourself at ease, more difficult it becomes for you to cope up with the excess work or multiple tasks at hand. In this situation all of us need to maintain our sanity and peace as the negativity is very easy to absorb but positivity is very difficult to adapt to.

Whatever I write is all that I experience and count this also as one of my experiences. Today, I got frustrated and reacted in a way which I should not have but the important thing here is that I realized that I should not have behaved that way. It was nothing serious but yes a situation that created a lot of mess because I was multitasking and it does affect your brain and its efficiency and when you are over burdened and work under time constraint, you are likely to loose your peace of mind. Now, this is the problem but dear all remember every problem is bound to be solved and does have a solution.

The best solution here is to manage your time and meditate. Getting up early brings in a lot of freshness to your mind and body. 'Brahma mahurat' is the term that saints use and is also mentioned in all the religious books that it is the time when your body is sync with all the phenomenon happening around you in this universe with you being an important part of the universe. The energies that are flowing come in sync with your body to energize you and make you ready for the day. Meditation help you focus on your mind, body and heart and help you relax. When you practice all this, your mind gets free of all the negative energies and you are ready for the day. Your mind is empty and fresh, it is ready to manage everything for the day. Continue this routine and observe and feel the difference.

The whole purpose of living is to be at peace and manage whatever we do, to achieve what is required. Being frustrated is a state of mind when we are not in sync with ourselves and just loose control on our mind and let the mind control us. So, get in sync with the universe, with yourself and just relax as all the things will fall in place on time.

"Meditation is the key to manage multiple tasks"

Love you all!!

Happy reading!!

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