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Freedom - Only a definition to learn!

We are free, we live free, we breathe free, we feel free, we express free, we think free. It feels so nice to read all this. Right?

But are we actually free or its just a myth? Power, fame and politics have become such a nuisance in this society that people have gone out of control and have somewhere failed to understand the basics of freedom. They have lost their senses and are not able to understand the difference between what it means to be free. There is a big difference between being free and being a force. Though there is nothing wrong in being a revolution.

Freedom is when an individual can express and look at things around from his or her own perspective. Force is something that bring changes in the surrounding in some or the other way. Let's look at it like this, I am free to express but that does not mean that I can force someone to do or follow what I feel or express. We all are humans and we all share common traits and sensibilities. If so many people around are of the same view point or are inspired in the same way that means there is something that is common and there is something that is simmering and is asking people to get together and work towards that goal.

As an individual, it is very important that we analyse all our facts properly before developing a viewpoint. Simply going with the flow won't work. I am not talking about knowing what others think, I am talking about knowing yourself and based on that collecting the right kind of information to develop a thought process. Then you can express but again don't think of forcing or imposing your thinking or your perspective on others which in any case is not possible. As we cannot make anyone learn or unlearn anything. Every individual is self made and has his / her unique way to grasp and learn.

The problem arises when people in power tries to curb your basic freedom of expression!

Nobody has the right to curb somebody's freedom of speech and expression. If you are doing so then please go back and check your facts and try to go to the depths of the matter to know and learn what was and what is it all about!

Being in power is good but being dominating and imposing is absolutely wrong! We all live in a free country and we all should avail our basic freedom!

Be expressive, Be informed, Be true!

Being right or wrong is not a question! as for one you will be right and for the other you will be wrong. Do what is morally right and true to yourself.

Freedom should not only be a definition to learn, it should be a lifestyle to be practiced!


Happy Reading!

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