Freedom- In true sense..

The word, 'freedom' is used in our daily routine and it's so commonly used as if it really exists. I have found myself constantly in search of this. I am still looking for some valid words that can define freedom in its true sense. I am a very individualistic person and least bothered about what others conceive of me as far as my intuition says that I am correct at my place and is not causing any kind of harm to anyone around. Freedom is again taken and understood either in very casual terms or in a wrong way.

Following your own ways without thinking and without applying some good thought and then defining yourself as free, is not freedom. Everything has its pros and cons and no phenomenon, no practice, no being is perfect, everything around needs thought and refinement time to time and same goes for this notion of freedom. What is freedom and at what point of time in our lives are we free?

A baby is born to a family, as soon as the little being comes out of the womb of the mother, it gets entangled in so many pre decided relations with proper tags. The baby is a son/ daughter to someone, brother or sister to someone, and there are so many tags to list here from the extended families that we have. All these relations are not just names or tags instead these come with so many expectations, rules, judgements, apprehensions, decisions and what not. So, by the time the baby grows into an adult and starts understanding about these intricate terms like freedom, he or she is again put into the most formal relation called 'MARRIAGE'. By the time you understand and fit yourself in that relation, another chapter adds on to your life, your children. Here, I again want to come back to the same question, where were you as 'you' in this complete scenario as a ' free being'? No where!

So, where is freedom and what is freedom?

Freedom is not only about roaming free here and there and doing whatever you feel like doing. Freedom is your way of thinking, how liberated your thinking is, how much importance you have given to yourself and how much effort you have put in to refine your thought process. life is not a cake walk and will keep putting you in some or the other situation and at times we feel like giving up. In these situations, its very important to understand yourself, to be with yourself, to keep yourself free from all the chains around you, you have to come back to yourself to think, to feel and to observe your true independence and freedom. For this you don't have to justify and you do not owe any explanation to anyone.

I have seen my very near and dear ones give up!! it's very disheartening to see your loved ones suffer. It's not that I have not gone through anything. All of my writings are out of my different experiences with life, nothing manipulated but I very strongly believe and observe that I have three lives which I do not intermingle with each other, my social life, my family life and my personal life. My personal life is where its only me and whatever I want to include in and its the most beautiful part of my one life. Situations do trouble me many a times but I am very selfish and love myself a lot because I strongly believe that if I am alive and free in my own world, everything around me is beautiful and free without any malignancy.

Guys, keep doing your duties that are imparted to you but do appreciate yourself, don't forget that you are an individual first and born with the right to be free, you should not beg for your freedom, if nothing works just believe in yourself, pamper yourself, love yourself and get lost in your own world without letting any of these trouble makers in. We forget ourselves, playing all the different roles which should not be done.

Create this zone for yourself 'PERSONAL LIFE' and just be as wild as you can be, be as passionate as you can be, be as nonsense as you can be, be as funny as you can be, be as weird as you can be, love everything, everyone, express but don't ask permission from anyone and don't justify yourself for this. Forget about everything when you are with yourself and just enjoy all those little moments of life that GOD has imparted you in this life.

"It's my life where its only me, my beliefs, my wilderness and my freedom."

Love you All!!

Happy Reading!!

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