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Five days to a post...

Last post I shared 5 days ago! I don't feel good when I see that there is a gap between when I wrote last and the present day but is there really a gap? Did I stop thinking? Did I stop observing? Did I stop feeling? No, I did not but again due to the busy schedule and priorities at hand, could not find time to write. Thoughts are like the flow of water, they keep flowing throughout your conscious and subconscious. I went through so many different thoughts and emotional turmoil in the last five days and I am back to recollect and pen that down, my experience, my learning.

I self reflect a lot and keep analyzing, what I go through? Why I go through? How I go through? The most important observation of me about myself is that I do not retain bitterness for long for anything and anyone and this is actually benefitting me a lot as I am able to concentrate more on the tasks and things which actually matter to me in this course of life. Bitterness towards anything and anyone, adds poison to your mind and takes away your capability to think straight and overpower your positive and good thoughts.

Another thing that I realized very strongly is that you cannot make our presence felt, only because you think that you deserve that or only because you think that it should be felt. It is not in your control and is possible only if the person in front or the environment around you accept you and realize that you matter. All this again taught one thing, that you are here not to force others to accept you, you are here to pamper yourself, you are here to nourish the life within you, you are here to nourish yourself. So, do that!

What matters the most is your existence as you are alive and your are given life, a chance to be human and enjoy all that nature and this universe has to offer! Rise above all these petty issues and do not limit your existence and importance to the mercy of few who doesn't value your worth. Be yourself and feel proud to observe that no one is like you. What is more important? The most important thing is to keep yourself at peace and away from all the toxins of life.

Relations, professions, achievements, failures are all part of life and will continue but remember our whole purpose is to survive and according to Charles Darwin, only those survive who adapt well and are the fittest!

Stay fit, Stay happy, Love yourself!

Love you all!

Happy Reading!!

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