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Fears....are meant to overcome.

Fear is a state of mind when we do not want to do anything out of certain apprehensions and want to avoid circumstances because we do not want to face them. In all this we start feeling that certain things are to stay as such and there is no other way out but the truth is, nothing is permanent and everything has to change. Be it your situation, your circumstances, you feelings, your good or bad time and along with these all those apprehensions that we carry with us throughout. Fear stays fear till the time we overcome it.

'Khatron ke khiladi' is a show, which most of you must have watched where those real time arrangements are made under extreme supervision and the participants are made to perform certain tasks to overcome their fears. There are many real life incidents that we all go through and is nothing less than 'Khatron ke Khiladi'. I never drove alone for a very long distance of 6-7 hours and had few apprehensions related to vehicle, safety, security and also had this in mind that what if some happens suddenly though I took all precautions and made all arrangements before starting but still there was a bit of overthinking going on. When I was on the highway and on my car seat with the steering in my hand and full control of the car, I felt nothing but more confident and comfortable than ever before and could see a more self reliant me in front of my eyes. With all that positive thought I started and continued, traveled 300 KM to Rajasthan from Punjab and here I am sharing with you all and feeling happy that it doesn't take much to overcome your fears but a positive thought and confidence in yourself.

Life is not a bed of roses and of course a rose plant is never free of thorns. You have to get few scratches to reach out and pluck a beautiful rose of your choice. You have life lessons around you in every spec of nature and everything teaches you something but only if your are conscious and are able to relate and correlate. Those scratches are mandatory to be born, to overcome your fears as until and unless you get in that situation, you will never be able to know how much that hurts and what you have to do to overcome that much of pain.

Your mind, your heart, your body all get in sync when you decide on something with intense passion and diligence and then there is no looking back.

Being Independent and overcoming your fears does not mean that you can isolate yourself and can live in isolation to this world. It only means that when each individual is strong and confident, we will create a strong species on earth which are self sustaining and practice equality, respect and love for each other, towards each other.

" Be your own strength, be your own power and rule your life".

Love you all!!

Happy Reading!!

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