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Whatever is created by nature is awesome! The real, the fake. The beautiful, the ugly. The truth, the bluff. The dream, the fantasy.

When you are not able to live the way you want , you start to fantasise. Thank god! we can do that otherwise life would become so tough at times. Living through years and relations over the years, make you realise that at the end it's only you who stays with yourself and no one else.

I met and I meet people daily and everyone has a different story to narrate. You listen to them and you realise how difficult everything around is or may be the way they share make you feel that life is not easy. Everyone is going through some or the other problem. Above that when you talk about relations, they are in pathetic state. Everyone is just in the rush for something new, interesting, out of the world!

The definition of the term, ' Boring' has become quiet simplified. Anybody around can define the term 'boring'. In the current scenario, boring is defined as when someone or something doesn't fulfil your terms and conditions as you want. People get out of scene, out of sight and then out of mind so easily!

Relations have become boring for many around, because they no more excite them. There is nothing new, nobody want to listen to the boring old, everyday stories. Everyone is just running around for something new and exceptional. There are no brakes to this madness. Hence, all are suffering.

We need to understand that reality cannot be overlooked, we cannot live in fantasies all the time. We need to accept what we have and should learn to live by it to the fullest. Looking at others full plate won't fill your stomach. You will have to eat yourself, you will have to go through that process yourself to satisfy your hunger.

For temporary happiness and to satisfy their fantasies people have started overlooking their real bonds with each other. This blindness has become omnipotent. The love, affection, regard, respect all goes for a toss for this little change! Dear all, the real happiness lies in growing together as one and experiencing all the different stages of life. But, it's very sad that no one gives a thought to this.

Happiness is everyone's birth right but please do not look for happiness outside yourself or outside your real, loved bonds with your family and friends. Fantasise but don't bet for it to be true. Live and respect, love and care, understand and share! Life is cool, just be aware!

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