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Fall in love this monsoon!

The most beautiful planet, our planet, 'The Earth'. Its amazing to know, see and observe that how life thrives on it on its own by just playing in its lap. The diversity of life forms, the features, the adaptations, the mechanisms, the capabilities of all these life forms are amazing and unbelievable. The most amazing thing among all this is that we have got a chance to be a part of all these wonderful things around, being alive.

The climate and the seasons, as the regular atmospheric changes as termed here, are the most fascinating phenomenons of all. One of my favorite is 'The Monsoon Season'. I am sure monsoon must be the favorite season of many of you too! What a season! what a beauty! Can't be explained in words! The release of heat and cooling of the surface, those little water puddles to jump in, the beauty of the leaves when they bathe in the showers, the dancing of the branches to the tune of monsoon wind, the swaying of the flowers and blooming into their gorgeous self is nothing but heaven and a heavenly feeling to watch all these happening in front of your eyes.

The rain showers clean everything around and suddenly everything paints green with all the trees peeping out and smiling at you. Its a treat to watch these little chirpy birds fluttering their wings, the squirrels hiding the showers, the dogs shirking their backs in the rain and nothing can match the joy of extending your arms out to feel this heavenly water falling on you. No perfume can match the fragrance of soil in monsoon. Those colorful umbrellas and the fun in getting wet when these so called protective devices get off you!! OMG! the shine in the eyes and the cuteness in the smiles is worth watching.

Entitled as the most romantic season, couples enjoy the best moments of being together. It holds a lot of significance in terms of expressing and feeling love. A person fall in love with everything around in this magnificent season. Those crevices which otherwise are looked upon as rocks with cracks, start blooming with life, the spots become apt for photography with all those romantic, full of life poses. Nothing can beat the 'butta' treats on the roadsides, specially on the hillside. I remember, I was with family and we went to Dharampur and further on Shimla road, saw an old couple sitting on a rock on the roadside and having butta together, that was a treat to watch! The smile they shared, the happiness that reflected from their faces in such a raw environment and only 'Butta' in hands!

This is love and expression of love with no luxuries, only with nature around and monsoon to adorn the same!

Enjoy this monsoon with your loved ones!!

Happy reading!!

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