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Faces of truth...

Truth is something that cannot be defied in any scenario and being truthful is the most difficult though most strived for characteristic by humans. What is truth? Is it the same in all the conditions, situations and, in given scenarios? It's a mystery and sometimes you do have to think to resolve it or I can say we feel the need to resolve it.

Relations, life, bonds, situations put us into such vicious circles during our life time that in many situations we feel lost and cannot think straight. Everything seems right, everything seems wrong, everything seems justified, everything seems unjust. But we cannot go on like this, we have to think to resolve and come up with something at least that could put our minds at peace and if not straight, at least we should be able to make sense out of whatever is the situation.

There are many faces of the truth and every individual has his or her own truth. The guiding principle behind every truth that exists is the the situation under which the incident happened. Every time what seems right and wrong has long history of events that leads to a specific situation. Hence, the problems arise. Sometimes, we get so upset by knowing the truth and sometimes it brings us the joy for life. How far is this justified to be perturbed on knowing someone's truth or may your own truth?

A lot of thought goes in, when we have to deal even with a simple situation in life. Similarly, we should also think 360 degrees while analyzing any situation for that matter. Watched a wonderful movie lately which revolves around finding the truth and in the end what comes out is that everybody was true but everyone's truth was different from the others because they analyzed the situations in which they were differently. It was a big learning.

To come out of any situation, just be more versatile and more accepting. There is noting right or wrong, everything is situational. This mindset help us to become more rational in out thought process and make us more sensible beings where we would like to think and analyze situations from all the different angles and then come to a conclusion and even if we do not come to a conclusion, its perfectly fine. After all everything existing in this life need not be solved. Some things look more beautiful and graceful when they are a complete mess!

Happy reading!!

Love you all!

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