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Expression matters!

Reading, writing, creating, all of this is an important aspect of life because expression matters! Reaching out and making your point clear is important. No matter what you express and how you express. Thinking about how you will be perceived is a waste of time because anyway you will be perceived differently by different people around you and their point of views will be totally different from what you think. What matters the most is your expression, enthusiasm and determination to reach out to people.

You may not see the things coming clearly to you but it's in disguise and knowingly or unknowingly, helps you learn something new that you never knew before or never experienced before. Never try to keep your thoughts within you just because of the fear of rejection or non acceptance. Let them flow and create an impact. Everyone around us is like us in some or the other way. Hence, we all are same yet we all are different.

Try this!!

Sit with someone random on any day and just listen to what he or she has to say but not with an intention to take advantage or play but just with the intention to listen and see the miracle. You will find the most ferocious looking people are so innocent, you will explore that most dumb looking people are so intricate and thoughtful. Some extremely happy go round people are sad deep below and the ones that seem so indifferent are so compassionate. People are amazing!!

Everyone just need an ear to listen and in front of whom they can express. Expressing yourself relieves a lot of stress and tension that boggles your mind often. Just let your thoughts flow. Do not restrict them because for you, your thoughts night be just overwhelming expressions but for someone, these thoughts might become a life saving tool. If you know something, share it, express it, vocalize it, reach out and just express the way you want to!

A mind without thought, a heart without compassion and a life without expression is nothing! So, express yourself as much as you can to avoid mental illness which has actually become a great concern these day among all the age groups.

"Live fearless, express fearless, talk fearless and just be yourself!!"

Love your all!!

Happy Reading!!

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