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Experiences define thoughts..

Life experiences are the greatest teachers of time. One cannot learn as much from any other source as one learns from his or her own experiences but should one's experience, good or bad define the line of thought for life? No, it should not. Usually we stop giving chances to ourselves when we experience something bad in our lives and we restrict ourselves from going on that path again because we fix our mindset that we cannot get success on this front ever!

Should we do or experience everything in life to be successful on that respective front? Life is a journey and all the paths or stops or some destinations are not same and we cannot expect the same outcome every time. life consists of different stages and each stages comes with different experiences. Failures and bad experiences are an important component of our journey of life. These experiences help us understand the importance of good and help us reflect and introspect about what must have gone wrong. These experiences help us groom ourselves more efficiently and lead our paths towards wisdom.

Had a bad experience in love? No worries, observe and introspect what had gone wrong and its not always that fault is at other end, fault could be at your end too. Keep all the options open and think over it without being judgmental by keeping the positive aspects up and negative aspects down. There is nothing right or wrong, its all about situations and conditions and how you respond to those. You cannot always be right as if your are right for someone, you may be very wrong for another. So, what is more important in this scenario? The most important thing is how well you know yourself and how true you are to yourself and you should first believe in yourself about being right. Confidence plays a great role but never be confident for doing something that brings human values and emotions at stake!

Another important factor that leads to suffering is expectations and I really do not understand why an adult being should have expectations in the first place? Just expect from yourself and try to build on where ever you fall short of. It's not that I am denying human emotions, I just want to say that believe, love and last for yourself first, because to love and

live, your heart and mind need to be healthy and intact so that you can think and explore more at every stage and never stop!

Another important thing is to be open, always. Increase the horizons of your mind and heart. Rise above your limitations of age and caliber. Be interested, keep your spirits high, be humble and just develop a habit of appreciating. All wonderful and best things come in small packets! An artificial water fall in the mall cannot match the beauty of that wild little stream flowing through the greens over the rocks. Look for your small packets and just enjoy this mesmerizing beauty of life!

"The best moments of life are in those small little incidents that make up your 24 hours and those little experiences should build your premise of thoughts!"

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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