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Experience, Realise, Accept

I have never been a book reader and till date I find it very difficult to sit at one place and read a book for hours! Though recently I have three to four books lying on my table which I am supposed to read but I am not reading them!

I believe nothing can teach you better than what you experience but every experience comes with a cost to pay. After I left my school job, I thought I will have good time to pursue my other interests and do things fruitfully but destiny has its own plans for you and you are bound to go with the flow. Certain events happened that didn't let me do what I wanted to and it took me almost 15 -20 days to figure out what am I missing on!

I was missing on myself. I was not being myself all these days. I was avoiding myself. I was not paying attention to myself. I was too engrossed in thinking what others think of me and how I have to please them. Unfortunately, I couldn't do that! because when you are not doing justice to yourself, you cannot do justice to others too!

I accept I was upset, I accept I wasted these days to figure out how to make others happy but amongst all this I forgot, how unhappy I was. Every morning I get up and think, what am I doing? Why am I killing myself by not pursuing what makes my soul happy? Why am I so burdened by thinking, what others think of me?

In this society of ours, being yourself is the toughest task! Because when you don't fit in the norms of the society, you are a culprit and a criminal! yes I took all this nonsense, for a few days but gave it up now! My life is not anyone's property! The almighty brought me to life and I will give my breath back to him.

So, I finally got up this morning to come back to me and embrace myself as I am! I don't have to prove anything to anyone and will never prove. Life will give you these kind of jitters often because we all live in a society of wild animals in the form of humans but don't worry and carry on! Your journey is your achievement and if you are able to survive, you are making your creator proud! Be proud of yourself to make him proud, rest everything is temporary and materialistic.

Taking forward my journey .......

Wishing you all, the same...

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