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Expect... Should we?

Why we are always worried about something that is not happening? Why we are not happy to see what is happening and going well? The answer lies in the fact that we all expect too much out of everything. Every thing and every living being has a natural aspect in them which is supposed to remain intact and when we try to manipulate that it leads to all those troubles causing enmity, depression, sadness, quarrels and so on. Its in our nature, that we try to rule everything whether its nature or humans or animals. To fulfill our selfish desires we manipulate everything around but this is not right!

Everybody is born free and is natural in itself. I like animals so, I start taming them and make them behave as I want and in this whole course of time the animal being at the receiving end and being more or less helpless just start fulfilling my expectations! I like that girl so, I want to marry her, bound her in a relation and just because I expect something from her , I manipulate her natural self to something else! This is not correct! Nothing should be forced upon. I have just mentioned few examples here and its not biased as even boys or males have a tough time under different situations where they are under the burden of fulfilling so many expectations. Children suffer because of these expectations and cannot emerge as their true self, most of the times.

If we look at this word expectation, overall its detrimental and never brings in good results until and unless these expectations are for your own. We have to correct the stigma attached to expectations. You grow when you expect from yourself for your own growth. Stop living for others expectations! Do not manipulate yourself just to fulfill somebody else's false expectations. Be free, believe in yourself and just flourish and let everything around you flourish in its own natural setting. Enjoy the diversity and learn from everything around you. Do not try to change everything just to have your comfort. Respect the nature and freedom of every living being!

Its very rightly said, whatever belongs to you will never leave you and will come back to you!! But we have to give this freedom to see what belongs to us and that requires a lot of thought. Stop expecting too much and learn to let go! Let everything and everybody find its own place on this planet and live its life free to its best and not to the best of some unknown expectations!!

'Do not expect too much, just appreciate that will make life much easier'!

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