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Hi there!

How are you all?

Let me share with you what I experienced recently.

Have you ever seen a dream in a dream? Human body and mind is so complex that I really wonder how all the philosophers, psychologists, doctors till date have searched and have known so much about it. Kudos! to these learned people. The characteristic of every human of being curious has led to all these discoveries. Do not worry, I am not going to drag you into science here but just want to share a very interesting incident that happened with me last night.

I saw a dream in a dream, I could see my mother sitting right in front of me and she was dealing with everyone in present and we were planning for something which was again a dream for me. I could see her, touch her, talk to her and also I was dealing with all the questions and answers and discussions that I would do with all the people I deal with on daily basis now. It was so complete! Everything was perfect! Wish life could be this perfect for everyone and wish everyone could be this happy in real sense.

I am an overthinking organism (HAHA). My mind is never free of thoughts. May be its just my characteristic as an individual or the conditions have put me into this but sometimes I feel its good as it help me meet people, my loved ones who are no more as the thought process becomes so strong that it pulls the memories in such a way that those memories come out as reality to you when you are quiet and only with yourself. At times, I do get troubled, for my mind is never at rest but that's ok.

Life goes on, you meet people, develop a bond and then they leave you one day or you will leave them one day but I wish we could get one chance to meet them again in our lifetime. I know I am sounding very hypothetical and emotional at this time but when you experience something this close then you don't feel like letting that go away again.

Let dreams in and let your thoughts flow, connect to whatever you think, you never know when you meet the unknown and something that doesn't exist anymore. Dreams help you relive the moments which may not be possible in real world. Dreams are a beautiful thing to experience.

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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