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Do not ask.....deserve!

Stop asking. Stop cribbing. Stop snatching. Stop forcing. The law of nature states, whatever belongs to you is never going to leave you. You may not pay attention to this fact but the things, the people and for that matter anything that belongs to you will find their way back to you because they are meant for you. Everyone is born with some possessions in terms of qualities, relations, attributes, personality traits but there are more things than these basic ones which one want to achieve during his or her lifetime but what is the correct way to do that? What is the correct way to grow?

The answer lies in self appraisal, working on oneself, improving oneself on every front, imbibing good values, appreciating the goodness of nature and life and overcoming the obstacles that are causing hinderance in one's progress on the path of life. Do not make yourself overambitious, stay calm and enjoy every little success that you get in this journey of life. Being ambitious is healthy and good but being overambitious leads to problems and frustrations and a person cannot think straight. Try to give your best shot in every little task you perform because nothing goes unnoticed and good work is never ignored.

I am not restricting this talk to your professional life. It holds good at every front and in every experience and situation of your life.

When you work towards your own improvement and start competing with yourself , you start recognizing the areas on which you have to work on and this is termed as 'self reflection'. Work on making yourself more deserving and then feel the magic! Truthfulness, empathy, sincerity, perseverance, optimistic approach are the key attributes that one should imbibe to rise and deserve all the goodness of life . If you want something, work towards it. If you desire something, be passionate about it. If you like something, appreciate it.

There is just one gap between your desire and you, that is honest hard work. You can achieve anything you want, once you have set your focus and frame your path. All the positive energies around recognize you and add to your own energy to give you that positive boost and help you grow at each step to make you more deserving with each passing day. Hence, deserve instead of asking!

Love you all!

Happy reading!!

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