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Did I forget something?


Did I forget something?

Didn't say hello?

Didn't ask how are you?

Didn't look at you?

Didn't sit with you?

Didn't hug you?

Yes, you didn't.

Often you do not,

Often you are busy,

Often you don't have time,

Often you are engaged,

Yes, you did forget.

Hold on, but what to hold on?

Time slips off,

Moments pass,

Days become past,

We cannot hold on,

anything in our hands.

Something needs to change,

Something needs to reframe,

Priorities need to be shifted,

Mind needs to rest,

Heart needs to pull the reign.

Why control so much?

Let yourself feel,

Let yourself flow,

Let yourself be nonsense at times,

Let yourself be weak,

Let yourself be strong,

Let yourself experience.

Do forget, but

Forget to work sometime,

Forget not be so perfect all the time,

Forget that you need to rush,

Forget your bank balance,

Forget your engagements,

Just remember yourself!

Just remember yourself,

As a free soul,

As a living being,

And live the royalty of this ONE LIFE!!


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