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Devotion- A magical noun!

We all strive to grow and be successful in our lives. No matter in what profession we are, or what we do to fulfil our daily needs, we have to work to a certain level of efficiency to get satisfactory results.

When we talk of working towards something to achieve a goal or a target, we talk about making an effort and a sincere effort! In your profession, you have your own targets to

accomplish and you need to take care of the targets expected by your organisation or your leaders. Are we able to achieve all this smoothly? Are we able to reach the expected level without any hassle?

I know most you are thinking, ' NO'. We all have to struggle at times, we have to manage different things at a time, sometimes we don't even feel like doing and at other times we feel forced to do something that we don't want to do. But this doesn't mean that we do not achieve our goals. We do, but with what state of mind, matters!

Nothing works on its own around us. There is one force acting on the other to make it work. You will find many examples in nature around you. Taking an example of an Eagle, a mighty bird known for soaring high in the toughest of conditions. What force causes it to fly? One of the factors is the air without which it can't fly. Whenever we have to achieve something with all its purity and sense intact, we need a driving force. What is that driving force?

It is called 'devotion'. Being devoted to whatever you do will make you sorted, happy and satisfied. When we do not do our tasks with devotion, we fail at many points and that is where frustration sets in. Devotion makes you focussed and help you retain yourself at various stages of your growth. I know, being humans we cannot be left unaffected by what happens around us as we all are beings of nature and environment around. So if there is a change in the environment, it will definitely affect our mind and heart but this is what we need to work on!

Enjoy your work and try to bring in productivity in whatever you do. Think of new ways to do the same things differently. Assume yourself to be in a new set up everyday even if you go to the same place to work. Be resourceful and observant all the time but only towards positive things. We are very efficient beings. We know the difference between positive and negative, only thing that we need to change is, our inclination. What we are and what we become depends a lot on what we are inclined to, positive or negative.

Try to focus on what is positive and what brings peace to you. Try to have healthy relation with yourself so that you can develop a healthy relation with people around. Your devotion towards your work brings in positivity in the environment around and you will see healthy and positive change around. We have to make effort in every scenario we are in- in a relationship, in a professional role, as a student, as a learner, as a child. So let's make efforts with devotion in a positive direction! Let's shine that light of positivity being devoted!

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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