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Dealing with the lost

Its heart breaking, its life changing, it's shocking, its depressing and make your world topsy turvy. We humans deal with so many emotions and thoughts on our daily basis and everyone has a different way to express, share, talk, deal with all the different scenarios they face but the most disheartening is when we have to bear the loss of our loved ones. We cannot ignore the fact its very difficult to deal with such situations because death is in no one's control but at the same time we also know that time heals in a way that you actually do not forget what happened and the void is never filled but you start understanding, once somebody is gone is not going to return back and you start adjusting to what you have on your plate or what life wants from you.

There are some people in your life with whom you develop a soulful relation which is usually never planned. You feel that the person should stay with you forever as he or she is but reality is very unpredictable and harsh. you never know when you will have to bear the blow of the destiny and time. So be ready and do not compromise even a little second for your near and dear ones. Spend time, love, laugh, enjoy, help, care and just try to live each moment passionately because you would not even know when the person will just slip off your hands and you can never get that back.

I understand the existence of souls and all the spiritual beliefs but the truth is we never get to see or witness the person again. We are only left with memories and good moments to cherish and some not so good moments to remember that we had spent. Life is harsh and time is unpredictable. Do not take anything for granted. Respect each other, share each other's concern, understand and most importantly spend time because you are not leaving anything behind when you die but your memories with the person. Let's invest in making our each moment beautiful so that we can save best memories for future.

Money can be earned, materialistic things can be bought but you will never find the same person again. Think about it!!

Love you all!

Happy Reading!

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