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Courage..the manifestation of your true strength!

A muscular man or a physically fit women is very strong in terms of physical body strength which is a very common observation. But I have seen physically strong people breaking down in a way that they loose the courage to do anything and here comes the role of your inner strength!

Our body is a framework of bones and muscles attached with the bones help it move, strengthen and overcome some physical limitations. This is about physical strength. When we talk about mental strength, the role of mind becomes prominent and again our mind resides in our body. The changes in the mind affects the overall functioning of our body. Philosophers have also compared mind with soul as we cannot study soul but we can study mind in terms of behaviors that is our actions and reactions to different situations. Psychology is a branch of science that study human behaviors, hence deals with the study of mind.

Learned guru's and psychologists have always talked about nourishing of mind with positive thoughts as our positive thoughts are directly proportional to the kind of life we lead. Keeping the track of time and believing that time doesn't remain same always and its moves like a wheel which is in continuous motion, keeping ourselves positive and facing the difficult times with courage manifests how strong we are! This requires a perspective of looking at things and events in the form of something that teaches you lessons for life. If we have to undergo a very difficult situation, it teaches you how to survive by being resourceful and of course courageous. The good times in your life give you a chance to celebrate your success and help you realize and appreciate that hard work and courage plays a very important role in one's life.

Always remember, 'this time shall also pass' and always keep yourself open to learning, absorbing and adapting to whatever comes your way.




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