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Cost of independence!

The word independence and the feeling attached with the word is very lucrative and possess a strong force of attraction. Everyone wants to be independent and free of unnecessary restrictions that cause hindrance in the accomplishment of some individual goals. We all have short term goals and long term goals. Short term goals are in our hands to some extent but for the long term goals we all have to be dependent of time and destiny along with the determination that we carry to fulfill the tasks. Independence of choice, Independence of expression, independence to refuse and independence to accept are very essential elements of an independent lifestyle but as we all live in a society where every action and every individual matters and play an important role in deciding and framing the norms of the society, you feel restricted!

If you are very independent, you lose that concern that you would get otherwise from your parents and families as they get use to of your free attitude and that space expands making you bear the cost of being independent sometimes. We all need to understand this to a lot of depth as human psychology is not very superficial thing, it's very deep and needs a lot of patience to be understood. I have observed that people who show a bit of dependency on their near and dear ones( can be anybody you are close to) are cared for or I would say taken care of more as otherwise. Another aspect of this is, the people on whom you show dependency also carry a sense of pride in observing that they are capable of taking care and handling stuff and in this course they get use to of seeing you being dependent on them.

The biggest problem of people till date is that we are very resistant to change and do not want to come out of our comfort zones easily. In the layman language, I would say we get used to things very easily, which we should not. Our mind is the most complicated workshop and laboratory and provide you ample opportunities to explore, if you show interest in experimenting with life elements. We need to understand that every individual need concern and care. We need to understand that being independent is not a crime and person should not be left alone to deal with each and everything alone if he or she exhibits the characteristics of being independent.

We all should be in a constant state of change. We all should understand that every relation and every bond is based on love, trust and care no matter at what level you are or how much independent you are. Let everyone be independent but do not feel ignored, do not feel that you are not required if your spouse, your child, your friends are independent. Everyone is very much required here but let's invest more in understanding the perspectives in a healthy way instead of just blaming and accusing. The work needs to be done at both ends that is being independent should never mean that you should be detached from anything and everything and accepting independence should not be taken as not being required or valued anymore.

"Life is all about harmony in every aspect of living."

Love you all!

Happy Reading!

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