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Control, how you react..

Losing temper, over reaction, getting upset on petty issues, getting indulged in arguments are some very common reactions that we experience on daily basis in different scenarios or may be with ourselves. Controlling and regulating reactions is a skill that is not possible to master unless and until we consciously put efforts to it. You will observe that people at highest positions act so immature most of the times because they just realize their positions they are at and the powers associated with the same but forget to regulate their own behavior.

Whether its your home or your workplace, basic etiquettes should not be forgotten. Never treat the person in front as a worthless being just because he or she obeys you or putting in another words, is suppose to obey you. You behavior matters a lot. The way you conduct yourself and they way you behave with your family members or colleagues talk volumes about you. Psychology says, a healthy and harmonious environment brings in maximum productivity. So, maintain that!

Leaders have lots of responsibilities but this community of people are actually busy dominating these days. Everyone holds his or her own place in the social, professional and home setting and no one can replace each other. All these issues can be resolved by breeding this simple thought in mind that each one of us is an asset for wherever we are and each one of us have a different unique set of qualities which are supposed to be respected and considered as and when possible.

Unfortunately, most of us fail to understand this. There should be a competition but a healthy one, where you learn from each other and try to become the better version of yourself. But in most of the cases this is not the scenario. People are just looking for an excuse to pull the other one down which leads to lot of tension, aggression and disappointment at the workplace as well as in families.

All this that I am talking about is not new and everyone experience the same at some of the other point. The only thing we miss is ' realization' and ' making conscious efforts'.

I share my thoughts and experiences through these blogs and if I could make a difference to any one of my readers, I would consider myself worth. Kindly share your views through comments or through a message and let's build a healthy community for everyone to flourish. If you find these worth sharing, kindly do share with your community of friends, family members or colleagues.

Love you all!

Happy reading!!

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