Confusion persists....

Every day I get up with different set of thoughts and altogether different feeling and everyday I feel that I am looking at life with a different perspective. As nothing is constant here, so are your thoughts. Most of the times you cannot think straight and it is never the case that we have to deal with one situation at a time during this course of life. Interesting, isn't it?

I really wonder sometimes that how can life be so wonderful and resourceful that is has so many different perspectives about one single aspect and we all are supposed to choose from that. It takes care of you as an individual and provide you, guide you and make you realize that you have a treasure here to choose from but we humans stay confused, hence confusion persists!

Astrology, 'astron' means stars and 'logia' means study of stars, is a very vast field of study which deals with the influence of the movements of all the celestial bodies on an individual's life and the events that an individual goes through during the course of life.

I am not going to get into the details of Astrology as I am not a professional in this field but just want to convey that as everything is influenced by everything in this universe and each and every celestial body has its own time period of movement and all these enter a certain phase at a particular time of the year as is calculated through all the different researches through these centuries. The time frame in which an individual is born has a lot of effect on his course of life and none is born with a silver spoon and carrying a bed of roses and hence is affected in both ways that is sometimes life brings you the best moments and sometimes the worst because everything is constantly moving and we are all affected by those movements as we all are connected in this universe. Hence, the energies affect and cause a big impact on our ways of dealing with different situations.

Usually people, get perturbed when suddenly something wrong happens to them and panic and rush to all those learned people in the field of Astrology to get suggestions for some kind of rituals to be performed to overcome the difficult times. Dear all, here I just want to convey that it is a cycle and everything that happens is to prepare you for all kinds of situations that one should come across to become an efficient being and a strong being.

Confusion is natural and it will happen because if your mind is not confused and it is completely sorted, you will never trouble yourself to think and find solutions. Hence, be patient and do not run around. Instead of panicking, give time and utilize your thinking to find solutions or alternatives to tread through the difficult situation. In difficult times, we need to be more resourceful and need to be more patient and should be less stressed as all these negative energies affect our ability to think passively where as when you are trying to find solutions and are giving time, the positive energies recognize you and try to get in sync with you to pull you through and help you reach a sensible, plausible solution.

"All the confusions are also healthy because they make you more efficient, patient and resourceful. Life is beautiful and is positive and its only purpose is to thrive, so should be yours!"

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