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Change the term, Feel the magic!

I love reading quotes! These small bites really give you the best life lessons, the more I am exploring myself the more I am getting to know life closely, very closely. Life keep surprising me and I really wonder, there are so many aspects of life that are left unexplored if we do not feel it. It's very rightly said, ' to live life, first feel it.' I just read somewhere, said by Sadguru, that the biggest crime is when we tell our children suffering is part of our lives and by doing this we snatch from them the right of being a cheerful being. When I was just thinking over it, I could actually think of a more wonderful thing and that is, let's encompass all our sufferings and happy times under one umbrella that is 'EXPERIENCE'.

Let us not categorize our life events as sufferings or happy times instead let us call all these as experiences.

Experience can never be negative because it results into learning and learning can never be negative. Hence, do not get upset if you are not feeling good at some point of time because that is an experience that is teaching you what you should not do and what you should take care of next time, helping you become more efficient and more conscious. Though we do not pay much attention towards our learning when we are happy but that is also an experience that helps us learn how to celebrate the happy moments of our life and what value do these moments hold for us.

It's sometimes said and believed that we become the way we think and what we do and perform and how we take life depends a lot on how we think and I believe in simple thinking. Let's not complicate things and life by adding all the unnecessary intricacies to all the simple, beautiful delicacies of life. Hence, let's make our lives sorted by changing the terms, suffering and happiness to experiences and let's add little magic to daily routine!

" Just feel and experience to live in true sense."

Love you all!!

Happy reading!!

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