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Celebrate women everyday!

Yes! I am a woman and I am proud to be in this role in this life. The title of the my blog is chosen not because I am a woman and I am being biased, it is because woman hold such a place that they should be celebrated everyday!

Think of any role that you play in your life and then close your eyes and visualise it without women in your life. I know you can't. A woman fufill one's life. No phase of our life is possible without the role of women in it.

Starting from a mother's womb till the last breath of your life, you have a woman by your side, whether she is your mother, you sister, your wife or your daughter. Women are the most beautiful, sensible and loveable creation of God. Celebrate them! Be grateful to have them!

Think of any attribute and a woman has it! She is an epitome of beauty, love, care, sensibility, courage, patience, intelligence, competence, perseverance, diligence, passion and there is an endless list!

Yes! there are special days to be celebrated and should be, to bring special attention to the contributions made by women in our society but most importantly our society needs to respect women and should understand that equality should be in all terms. Please do not remember women on one day of the year, there are millions of reasons to celebrate them, care for them, love them each day! Please do it!

All beings are important for life to live it smoothly and happily then why do we have disparity? Everyone, every being has its own role to play on this stage of life, then why some are given more privilege than others? Being humans, we all are connected, emotional and sensible. Men and women are equally important, let's rise above this trivial question of making one equal to another. A man is born out of a woman, so from where this question of equality arose? Instead be grateful for your life to a woman!

There should be no argument for superiority in society, in fact everyone's contribution should be taken purely as a contribution for good and upliftment of society, be it in any field of study. Intelligence is not gender based, anyone can be a genius!

Your life is productive only when it is lead sensibly and wisely. So, be wise and rise above all the trivial, useless issues and celebrate each other. Together, celebrate the successes and let us all together build a world worth living!

Happy International Women's Day!

Happy reading!

Love your all!

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