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Cause and Effect!

Being Independent and being dependent sometimes confuse my mind. Then it makes me think that both these phrases are relative to each other. What happened, what is happening and a thought of what will happen does affect us. Are we really independent then, of all these thoughts and feelings and happenings? What is independence? What is dependence? Does everything around has independent existence or it depends on each other? Let's have a look at it!

Whatever we observe around is the result of something and that something can obviously be contextual. Everything that happens, make us think about what must have caused it as nothing just appears or happens out of the blue, it is related! Hence, dependency exists! Talking about natural phenomenon, the temperature change is the effect of the rotation and revolution of the planet earth. All the natural disasters that happen result due to some cause or some undesirable movements in the earth's crust. The pleasant weather is the effect of soothing monsoon showers somewhere which lead to the blowing of the soothing breeze and that affects the whole weather of a location.

Talking about humans and psychology, we all are dependent for all sorts of emotions and feelings that we express and experience. A good incident around fill our hearts with happiness. One sad incident around makes us sad and unhappy. Success fill our hearts with joy and failures make you regret or make you unhappy. The term 'Independence' is subjective in nature. It is based on or is influenced by personal beliefs, feelings, experiences and choices but when we talk about 'dependence', we all are dependent on many things for different resources that are needed for survival like emotional needs, physical needs, economical needs, social needs, materialistic needs. Hence, we all have lot of responsibility on our shoulders to make this chain of cause and effect function smoothly and efficiently.

Independence is an attribute when an individual is capable of surviving on his or her own even if the necessary conditions of survival goes upside down because he/she has made himself or herself strong enough to deal with any situation and have worked hard upon oneself but this does not rule out dependency. Hence, 'every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause', so be careful and watch yourself, your attitude, your behavior, your likes, your dislikes as every individual is accountable for everything that happens around, directly or indirectly.

"Enjoy your freedom and independence but not at the cost of others"

Love you all!

Happy reading!!

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