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Can't believe it's 200th!!

OMG!! started as a novice and could never imagine that I have so much to write and express and share. Thank you all for supporting and loving my writings so much. It's a wonderful feeling when you express something and that reaches the right place where it is supposed to reach and to the right person to whom it should reach. Listening, thinking, reflecting, talking and sharing are great attributes which humans have and each one of us have a different way to manifest that. I found my way in writing and today I completed my 200 posts, totally original, bare and direct from the heart.

I am proud to witness that I have less but beautiful and wonderful readers who appreciate and most importantly they are able to relate to my writings. Life and its elements are very exciting and provides you a platform to explore and express yourself to the maximum level you can. I am very happy to complete my second century..( hahah) but the journey doesn't end here as I have so much more to explore and share with you all. I will need your support further also and would want all of you to allow me to pour my heart out to all of you.

Today, I just want to share that life and time are the most precious gems in our hands and let's make the most out of them. All materialistic things will stay back when you will leave this world to your journey further but only things that you will carry along will be your memories of all those times that you spent here in the form of human. Create the best memories you can. Click pictures, capture laughter, capture the beauty around and spread love, so that you live in the hearts even when you are gone. Do care and help the ones who need your help and always be humble as you never know, you are the next magician for someone around!

If in any of my posts, I have hurt someone's feeling, kindly forgive. Thank you once again for your love and support!

The journey continues......

Love you all!!

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