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Being odd!

Defining your life on your own terms, living up to your own terms and redefining the prevalent taboos and culture in your society is not easy. It either require a lot of grit or an exceptional power! But this is not something unusual, as you will find many examples where people from different spheres of life have challenged normal life as per society and have lived a life based on their own principles but at the cost of many things, many relations and loneliness for a part of their lives.

'Being a part of something has always been easy as compared to being apart of something'. This mainly happens when the society as a whole stop recognizing every individual as his or her own self and more so consider everyone to travel in the same boat to make up a group of people who follow the same norms and traditions set by some of the so called learned people, for the people to follow. I am not against system but I am against the murder of individuality of a person by the society as a whole. As is very rightly said, ' To be number one, you have to be odd', because by being even you will be no different from others and will be so very much the part of all the normal things around. Ironically, being odd is not easy!

Shakuntala, the new movie release is a wonderful movie and all credit goes to Vidya Balan for portraying Ms. Shakuntala Devi brilliantly on screen but watching that movie made me realize that in spite of being so brilliant, independent and strong headed woman even she could not balance many things in her life as she was not accepted by people and by her family as an individual. Every one expected her to be a daughter, an income source, a wife, a mother but what about her own self? The irony with strong headed people is that they could not and do not believe in explaining themselves to each and every person around and prefer to go their own way. Yes, she was recognized because of her immense talent and an exceptional quality of playing with numbers but human relations are very complicated and maintaining a balance between yourself as an individual and as a part of the society and family takes a toll on you.

I respect people who challenge the normal things at every step because I very strongly believe that only thing that is constant is 'change'. Be yourself and respect yourself and believe in change. Know yourself, accept what you feel is right and challenge what is not right. Do not leave yourself behind and do not loose yourself in the crowd of this society, speak up for yourself and stand by yourself and become your biggest strength.

These exceptional people keep the ball rolling for many others to follow the path and help them stand out.

Believe in yourself and lead a normal life but in an exceptional way!

Love you all!!

Happy reading!

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