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Being without you...

"Never thought of actually!

I am not in habit of.

What would be a body without heart?

What would be a mind without soul?

What a thought is it?

Doesn't make any sense."

- and the fight goes on...between me and my heart!

We all get so used to of certain people, certain relations and certain emotions in our lives that it feels they have caged us for life. These emotions and feelings overpower our way of thinking and life slowly and steadily but life test you at every turn and we usually forget to prepare for that test. Who likes to give a test anyways!!(haha) but clearing this test becomes very difficult because knowingly or unknowingly we start thinking of what would happen then, which I very well know is human nature as we do get troubled by thinking what would happen next.

Now, what should be done? The situation is as it is, we are stuck where we are and are not ready to accept what is going to come next. Big trouble, right? Calm down guys! Places, situations and time change but not the connections and affections but yes, definitely these kind of scenarios require a lot of patience and ability to balance your mind and heart. Also, where there is a will, there is a way but this is out of your comfort zone! We will not get all the good things in a platter always. Sometimes, we have to work very hard for those. Be thankful that you have got a chance to build such connections with people which you feel are very difficult to break or overcome.

Making relations is a routine and human nature but maintaining relations is an art. The art of balance, the art of sensitivity, the art of empathy, the art of love, the art of belonging, the art of control and the art of patience. Right framework of mind and correct alignment of heart makes life simpler and easier and loveable. You will meet people, make bonds and then will part ways one day but make relations that last for life to cherish.

Love you all!!

Happy reading!

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