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Being unconditional..

We come across this word unconditional with respect to love in our normal daily lives but is it only restricted to the area of love? What do we mean by being unconditional? Being unconditional is a pure mindset where you know what you are doing and you know what you want to do. You are least bothered about what is happening around and work towards it with zero expectations. Usually this element of life is utilized in the areas related to love, compassion, respect, empathy and goals.

Being unconditional means, your are making yourself free from all the worldly restrictions posed by us on ourselves and on our fellow beings. Its a beautiful feeling where your are doing your bit with the purest of thoughts. When you do something unconditionally, you only end up doing positive things. Being unconditional, you inspire people, you make them think differently, you fill them with confidence, you make them realize that each one of us can make a difference.

When you do something out of purpose, it makes you restricted and you are stuck at some or the other level but the tasks performed unconditionally bring you laurels and appreciation as you instill lots of thoughts to be processed in others brain. Try doing your tasks unconditionally and to the best that you can do. You will feel the difference and a different level of satisfaction.

You will not even realize how many lives you have touched and how many people around you are inspired by your working in this way. It is not always necessary to talk to people or to guide them to make them perform better, we can do this by inspiring them by working on ourselves and the way we do things. If you want to inspire people around you, be self inspired!

Living is all about exploring oneself through different stages of life and at every stage of life we all need to fulfill some criteria to move on to the next stage but there are some strong foundational elements that keep you going and growing. Being unconditional is one of them. Work with passion, respect with devotion, love with emotion and most importantly just be yourself. Make your life worth living and believe me, only you can do it!

" Love unconditionally, respect unconditionally, work unconditionally. Do what you love and love what you do."

Love you all!!

Happy reading!!

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