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Being Talented..

We all come across this word talent a lot and there are certain categories of people whom we usually tag as talented. Someone who is good at singing, dancing, painting, drawing, sketching, and many others areas are covered under the umbrella of 'being talented' but do we ever observe that living itself is a talent. All little interactions that you have from the time you get up till the time you sleep at night, everything involves talent. As I am growing in life, I am getting more close to these little aspects of life and living and I am finding it very interesting to see and evaluate, who is talented to what extent.

Talent is everything that help you deal with all the situations in your life efficiently. Talent is how you deal with people at home, how you deal with people at work place, how you deal with your own thoughts and problems. Here, I am not talking about over smartness or crookedness that people sometimes resort to but about the genuine actions that we take to come out of problems or any issues easily and effectively. Hence, everyone around is talented but the degree differs and I would call stages are different. Some are masters, some are graduates, some are still in senior secondary level.

Talent and passion have a very close relation and they work relative to each other. For having a talent you should have that respective passion and zeal to accomplish. I find people around me living a superficial life most of the times, I would say 80% of their lives they just live superficial lives, away from reality. They try to make the best of what is around, that is visible, can be seen, felt and experienced but they never talk about the refinement of their soul that is the true premise of what kind of a person you are and how much talented you are. Most of the problems will be resolved if we start working on refining our souls, in simple words, if we start working on ourselves.

Ego, anger, depression, anxiety are the problems created by us as these do not exist in nature otherwise. These are the factors that deprive you from being talented. We are the only organisms on earth that can process higher order thinking skills and can mold our thinking as we want but I am surprised everyone is so driven by the negative forces around that the good thoughts linger behind and sometimes never projected.

Follow simple things to bring a bigger change in your daily lives. Be soft and humble to who so ever you meet. Try listening to all the different stories that the people around you have to tell you or want to share with you. Try forgetting negative incidents that happened and learn to let go when something troubles you. Though you can take your time but ultimately you should overcome and this time should be taken to process your thoughts only and not to condemn or abuse the ones due to whom you are troubled. Focus on your peace of mind but equally value the others peace of mind because its a chain reaction, if you are upset everything around you gets upset. Hence, you need to understand that your one little action disturbs that whole environment around you and this is not a small thing!

To preserve everything around and to make everything healthy around, you need to work a lot on yourself. Believe me, if each one of us start working on ourselves and introspecting ourselves, the world is going to be a beautiful place to live in. Hence, everyone is talented, the only thing required is to explore yourself for being the best version of yourself.

" Be the best version of yourself."

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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