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Being a mother is a lot more than just a word...

Blessed with a girl and she is 10 years now. Very active, naughty, talkative and surprisingly very sensible. Mom died and I just had one wish that I want a girl baby appreciating the bond I had with my mom and how well we both got along in all respects of life. I had a beautiful bond with my mother and the freedom I shared with her, I could not share with anyone. My whole world got shattered the day she died and thought as if I am left all alone in this wide world and that was more or less true!

After two years of her demise, I was blessed with a baby girl and I felt as if God returned me my mother. Now, she is of course my other half, my part and my whole world. A day without her seems so difficult. She is just required to be around though I remain very busy with my work but her intermittent visits, her hugs, her kisses all make my day so stress free. She is away for few days but I am already missing her!

Being a mother is not easy but this is also the biggest blessing that a woman has, she is capable of giving birth. This feeling is out of the world and makes you feel so complete. The kind of bond that you share with your child is the most wonderful thing that you can experience in your life and when it's a girl, this life seems a palette of colors!

Your children make you live again. They take you through your childhood, teen age, your adulthood and make you relive every moment of yours along with them and the skills that you develop being a mother, My God ! they are unmatched. You are a nurse, You are a care taker, you are a manager, you are a homemaker, you are a cook, you are a teacher, you are a guide, you are a psychologist and what not! Children make your life purposeful and help you become a better version of yourself at every stage of your life. So, spend time with your kids. It is very important.

Kids are very pure souls, full of energy and just need a right guidance and lots of love along with understanding. I am missing my kiddo! love your babies!

The most precious jewels you will ever have around your neck are the arms of your children!

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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