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Become your own saviour!

I am a kind of person who has always found library a very boring place to be in (haha). Yeah! Yeah! I know I must have forced many of you right now to frown or to be surprised! I am sure most of you must be thinking... WHAT! But that's true and I have always had the guts to tell this to the librarians even (haha). Recently, when I am almost half of the age of my life cycle, I thought of giving books a try. So, I picked up a few books and those are lying on my table which I chose to read as and when I get time. All are from different genre! So, along with exploring my reading skills, I am also trying to explore different content to read in these books.

Well... I came across a book which one of my colleagues gave me. Now this also has a story, Wanna hear that? So, we were on an event and I was getting bored so thought of taking out my accidentally kept book in my bag and started reading. This girl got curious and came up to me and asked me what am I reading? OMG! that was one of a lifetime experience where I was so shy to tell what I was reading and did not want to mention. (hey! don't think that I was reading something awful!) I was reading a book based on teachings from Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji. So, I think I impressed her! though it was not intentional (haha). Then what! she came up with a suggestion of a book that she want to give me to read or I would say she wanted me to read. Believe me, I LIKED IT! Because at times when something great happens to you even when you are expecting the least, it always gives you a good feeling.

So, I got the book and started reading it as and when I get time. I am still reading as you know I am a novice in this area of reading out of syllabus books! (HAHA). The author of the book is trying to make you more sensible so that you can train your mind to be peaceful and to find purpose in everyday life. It's nice and help you do a lot of self-evaluation.

My purpose of writing this blog is not to praise the book I am reading (accidently!) but to share what I think and feel about when it comes to saving our energy and keeping our calm.

Being social animals is a great attribute but sometimes we fall prey to what we deal with. I observe people a lot, what they do, how they do. Sometimes, I do analyse 'why they do' though most of times I think it's none of my business but as part of my nature I end up doing that often. I always find it very interesting to read people. They are very interesting subjects.

When it comes to managing ourselves in this society, it's not easy as there are so many aspects that we have to deal with and it is very much normal to behave differently in every situation that you face or experience but is it important to lose what you are, in every scenario? No it's not and we should not.

Conversations are both positive and negative. If you experience a negative conversation, try to leave or try to make a positive statement. Sometimes, we also resort to talking negative but at the back of our mind, we keep realising is it what I want to do? Answer that question immediately and back off. People those who talk negative, just need a little concern, a little love, an ear to listen and little pat on their back that says, 'you are doing great in whatever you do'. These little words of appreciation and these gestures brings a lifetime change in a person's life.

Make your choices better, be with people who make you feel good and encourage you. Be with those who don't judge you for every little thing. Surround yourself with positive energy and positive people. Negativity is required and it does prevail because a negative thing can help us recognise a positive thing. So, let's become more self aware and train our mind to be at peace.

Life is all about maintaining a balance between what you experience and what you feel. So, keep that balance healthy and practice everyday! OR you can become an accidental reader like me! (HAHAHA)

Happy Reading!

Love you all!

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