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Be good than being right!

Being the most intelligent species on earth, it becomes very obvious that we imbibe certain common attributes very quickly and since those are easy to implement, we resort to apply them often. The attribute of proving oneself right, imposing oneself, assuming everything to work according to us at our own pace are some of the common attributes that we all show at some or the other point of time.

But, in all this we actually forget to differentiate between what is more important, being right or being good? We keep working hard to prove ourselves right and in that exercise, we are often misguided by our brain which sometimes make us follow some wrong paths too. The more complex our system is, more complex it becomes to maintain a balance between all the things that we can do in an efficient manner and really needs a good exercise and conscious thought process to work out everything by keeping all the values intact, which is not possible most of the times.

So, what should be done? How we can prove ourselves right, being good? Wait! and have patience, believe that good work and hard work never fails and most importantly believe in yourself. Never rush yourself through a corridor full of ego and shallow thoughts because doing this either you will hurt yourself or someone else. Even while doing a little task, think big, think good, think broad. Never narrow down your capacity to think and analyze. Think of a good solution and you will always end up being good in your decisions.

Everyone is struggling, everyone is working hard but the problem occurs when we try to find shortcuts to everything and become impatient to accomplish something. All the events that occur in our lifetime have a specific assigned time and situation. So, just wait and keep working towards it by keeping all the good thoughts intact. Do not wait for others to change, instead be the change and set the pace for others to follow.

Life is short and unpredictable, let's live it in the most fruitful way we can. Nobody will carry anything along when we will leave this world, but we can be alive in people's hearts. Let's make our life this large that it lives even when we are gone!

Love you all!!

happy Reading!!

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