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Balance yourself:

Sometimes I wonder, this life so demanding or we have got ourselves caught in this vicious circle that we have created around ourselves? What does the life within us need?

To our surprise, it needs just a proper nourishment to carry out all the functions in our body efficiently. Then where are all these demands coming from? This is a net that is knitted by our mind, as it creates a complete different life around itself and hypnotize you to believe that life as true. Most of the times, we all fall in the trap and start troubling our true life that's breathing inside us, having the least expectations.

We usually find it so difficult to manage ourselves among so many tasks at hand and generally resort to inefficient multitasking. We have to perform these tasks together at a time because of the demands put in by our profession and the demands put in by our family and all other social obligations that we have to live up to. All these insane things drive us crazy many a times and we usually loose our control. But don't underestimate yourself, being so much occupied and still carrying out everything and living up to every task is also not easy and if among all these things,you loose control sometimes, that's fine! Just support yourself and give a break to yourself from your otherwise hectic schedule.

Each one of us is facing this crunch of time due to this so called ' New Normal' which I personally do not find normal. But its important that all of us take out sometime to talk, sometime to listen, sometime to just sit quietly, sometime to just lie down with your eyes closed or sometime to just watch your favorite series and among all these if you have a partner with whom you can share all this, nothing can be more wonderful than that. But everyone's not that lucky! No worries, no one is alone till the time you are with yourself.

This is nothing but balancing yourself. Balancing your mind, getting it in sync with the life that breathe in you is very important to have a peaceful life. Everyday think and give a break to your ever running thoughts and relax to come back to your normal self. There is not one way to practice this, there are numerous ways depending on every individual's interest and perspective. So, create your own definition of peace and learn to balance yourself as its the only resort to this hectic, rushing life that we have created around ourselves.

'Accept yourself to be stable'.

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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